Yesterday Was My Birthday so You Should Tail Me Because I Heard You Can’t Lose During Your Birthday Week

2019 MLB Record: 25-13-1 +9.97u

4/16 Recap: 1-0-0 +2u

-Rays -1.5 -130 2u: CASHED

  • Can’t believe the Rays pulled this one off.
  • The Rays are a WAGON.


-Mariners ML +100 1u (10pm)

-Yankees -1.5 -120 1u (630pm)

Tough to bet a team on a 6-game losing streak…

But I’m seeing the Mariners, one of the best lineups in baseball, as a DOG vs. a very below-average Angels team. That’s better value than what Sam L. Jackson offers you on those Capital One commercials.

Chris Stratton on the mound for the 8-10 Angels. He’s got a 2-flat WHIP and a 5.5 ERA over his first three starts this season. Including his debut start this year, where he gave up 4 runs over 4 innings pitched against (well would you look at that!) the Mariners.

Former Cy Young winner Felix Hernandez on the mound for the Mariners. He’s got 2 quality starts this year, including his debut start this year, where he gave up 1 ER over 5 and a 1/3rd against (well would you look at that!) the Angles (ya same game that Chris Stratton pitched).

Mariners offense has not been hot over the last 7 days. Buuuut, this 6-game losing streak was against the Astros and the Indians. The 4th and 6th best pitching staffs in the league, respectively (via team-ERA and WHIP).

The Mariners get to face the 16th-best pitching staff in the league tonight, and that might just be what their bats need to get back-on-track. Mariners as the DOG OF THE DAY tonight, they win in a close one on the road. No Fear.

Ps- Meet our Dog of the Day… Mariner:

If this good boi is gonna bet on the Mariners how could you possibly not?

The Royals Homer Bailey is an awful pitcher. Although I lost money fading him earlier this year, do not be fooled. His 2019 numbers (5.2 ERA and 1.24 WHIP) are 100% fade material.

It is worth noting that Homer, in his last start, tossed 7 shutout against the first-place Cleveland Indians. Howeva (Stephen A. Smith voice)… it is also worth noting that the Cleveland Indians have the 5th-worst team OPS v. righties in the league. The Yankees, on the other hand, have the 2nd-best team OPS v. righties in the league. Homer also gave up 10 earned over 10 innings pitched before that shutout start, good for an ERA over 7 and a WHIP over 1.7.

Domingo German has been pretty fucking good so far. Tossing three really good games against DET, BAL, and CHW. Three teams who rank in the bottom half of the Majors in team OPS.

You know who else ranks in the bottom half of the Majors in that stat? The fucking Kansas City Royals. Also the Yanks bullpen is fucking sick and the Royals pen is legitimately awful. I ain’t even gonna post the numbers you should just trust me on this one.

Yanks win 7-2. No Fear. Hammer it.

BOL tail or fade don’t care.

PS- Extra:

  • Rays -1.5 -135 looks nice. But I hate betting teams on b2b anddd the Rays SP has literally like 0 numbers to look at. They are also going for the sweeeeep however and might be bullpennin’ their way tonight against the lowly Orioles. Something to think about.