We Are so Back

2019 MLB Record: 42-40-5 -1.82u

6/25 Recap: 2-0-0 +2u

-Rangers ML -143: W

-RedSox -1.5 -140: W


-Rangers ML -105 1u (7:10pm)

-Rays/Twins u9 -110 1u (8:10pm)

Wins are wins and green is still green no one cares about the chalk.

One of my rules is to not bet teams on b2b nights, but I can’t help myself. Rules were meant to be broken.

Booki is giving us a way better price here than last night when you’ve easily got a way better pitching matchup. Mike Minor is tossing tonight for TEX while Matt Boyd is on the mound for DET. Here are the two’s L4 starts:

  • Mike Minor: 28 IP, 1.93 ERA, 1.035 WHIP, .184/.279/.286 line against which = .556 OPS against, and the Rangers are 4-0 in those starts.
  • Matt Boyd: 22 IP, 6.14 ERA, 1.409 WHIP, .290/.320/.602 line against which = .922 OPS against, and the Tigers are 0-4 in those starts.

I could really just copy&paste what I wrote about the Rangers yesterday, but i’ll recap again quiccly for the people in the back:

Texas has MLB’s 3rd-best team OPS over the last 7 days (.894), while Detroit has MLB’s 22nd-best team OPS during that span (.706). The Rangers are 2nd in their division and 1 GB of the 2nd wildcard spot, while the Tigers have lost 5 straight, are 1-9 in their last 10, 11-25 at Comerica Park, and are just 1 game ahead of the Royals for last place in their division.

The Rangers are kinda good at baseball while the Tigers suck. The Rangers bats have been hitting the ball well while the Tigers bats haven’t been. Mike Minor has been seriously out-pitching Matt Boyd. Put those things together and any fuckin’ idiot can see why the Rangers at -105 is a great bet. It’s not Rocket Appliances.

Survival of the Fitness boys.

Both these starting pitchers are en fuego while these two combined offenses are overrated in my not-so-humble opinion.

In their L6 starts, Morton has an ERA/WHIP of 1.83/.794 and Ordizzi has an ERA/WHIP of 2.51/1.093. During this recent stretch, both pitchers have posted an OPS against under .600, and the total has gone over 9 just once for both of them.

Both teams have pretty good bullpens too, with the Rays being top-5 in the league.

Minnesota has a .791 team OPS in their last 7 days and a .78 OPS in their last 14, both of which rank in the middle of the league. Yes, their team OPS during the month of June is over .830 and ranks 3rd in the Majors, but I interpret these numbers as meaning they are starting to cool off. Also, Twins hit worse against right-handers, and Charlie Morton is one really good right-hander.

I start to get real excited about this bet when I take a look at the Rays offensive numbers. They are putrid. The Tampa Bay rays have a team OPS of .726 in June, .678 in their last 14 days, and .683 in their last 7 days. All of which rank in the bottom-10 in Major League Baseball. They are barely scraping together 4 runs/game, and I don’t expect them to hit that mark when trying to hit against Mr. Ordizzi today.

I will win my text 18 straight baseball bets Book it. BOL.