Slutty Sunday

2019 MLB Record: 33-25-1 +4.67u

6/7 Recap: 0-3-0 -3.7u

-Diamondbacks/Blue Jays u8.5 +100 1u: Not Cashed

-Dodgers -1.5 -150 1u: Not Cashed

-Dodgers TT o4.5 -120 1u: Not Cashed


Mariners/Angels o10.5 -110 1u (3pm)

The Mariners are 0-4 in the last 4 Wade LeBlanc starts, and he’s posted a 6.6/1.25 ERA/WHIP over those starts. I.e., he ain’t been wicked sharp or anything.

Unfortunately, he’s gotta toss against one of the hottest offenses in the league. The Angels are knocking an .854 OPS in the month of June, good for 2nd in the Major Leagues. They’ve put up 50 in their last 8, good for 6.25 runs/game. Additionally, when LeBlanc gets pulled, his supporting staff ain’t so wicked either. The Mariners pitching staff has a 5.33 ERA on the year, good for 2nd-worst in the league. To make matters more interesting, they’ve posted a 6.28 ERA in the young month of June, good for dead fucking last in the league. Also worth nothing: during this recent stretch, they’ve got the 2nd-worst WHIP in the league at 1.6.

On the Angels side, they’re throwing out Minor Leaguer Jose Suarez, whose made one start on the season: A 5-inning winning effort (against the Mariners!) where he gave up 3 runs on 5 hits and 3 BBs.

However, this ain’t the Mariners first rodeo anymore, and I gotta feeling the Mariners could figure him out this second time around. The Mariners have been hitting OK, too. A team-OPS of .750 during June puts them in the top-half of the league (13th). And they’ve put up 43 in their last 8, good for 5.4 runs/game. And, as I mentioned with the Mariners, the Angels supporting staff is also incredibly mediocre. They’ve posted the 24th-best team ERA in the month of June (5.32), and the 21st-best team WHIP in the month of June (1.39).

TLDR: Two decently hot offenses squaring off against two meh SP’s with even-more-meh supporting bullpens. I realize this number is kinda high, but I need some action on Sunday and it’s really the only play I can get behind (nice).

Trout’s got a beautiful goddamn swing my goodness

EXTRA: 4-Team Parlay: Twins/A’s/Dodgers/Cubs +424 1u

  • For fun. Leaning towards all of these teams individually but just can’t make myself take them for a variety of reasons. Just gonna mush them all together and hope it hits.

BOL Tail or Fade don’t care.