Shit I Lost a Bet

2019 MLB Record: 15-2-0 +13.11u


Mariners ML -110 1u (2pm)

Indians -1.5 +125 1u (1pm)

Nationals ML -133 1u (1pm)

4/6 Recap: 2-1-0 +.67u

Dodgers ML -122 1u: CASHED

  • Dodgers bats are so hot
  • Walker pitched OK, got job done

Yannkees -1.5 1u: CASHED

  • Thanks Clint Frazier
  • Girlfriend 2019 MLB picks: 1-0

Rays ML -133 1u: Not Cashed

  • Noooooooooo
  • The Rays are still a wagon

Really like the Mariners in this spot.

The righty Ivan Nova will be pitching for the White Sox this afternoon. He spent the last few years in Pittsburgh, and in 2018, he went 9-9 with a 4.1 ERA and a 1.280 WHIP. Did nothing special, only striking out 114 over 161 innings of work.

Wade LeBlanc will be the starting arm for SEA today. LeBlanc has slightly better 2018 numbers than Nova: 9-5 record, 3.7 ERA with a WHIP around 1.100. I think the starting pitching matchups favor SEA overall.

However, I’m really feeling SEA’s bats, who put up 8 runs and 9 runs in the first two games of this series. They own the 5th-best team OPS against right handers in the league, and 3rd-best overall. Chicago Sox are middle of the pack in both. Mariners are hot too, at 8-2 with a +22 run differential. Against the very average 3-4 White Sox, who really aren’t all that good in general in my opinion.

I believe the Mariners come into tonight and grind out a W to take 2 of 3 in the series. No fear.

The Indians, especially on the RL, are a bit of a gamble for me. Mostly because both offenses have been so anemic. The Indians and the Reds are the owners of the two worst team OPS’s in the league, both against righties and overall. Therefore, I’m sketched out taking the worst offense in the league, and am even more sketched out at taking them to win by 2 or more.

Howeva…. (Stephen A. Smith voice)… I think that Clevinger will outpitch Stroman. Clevinger was nails in his first start of the year, giving up 1 hit over 7 innings. Furthermore, his 2018 line included an ERA around 3 and a WHIP around 1.100 while striking out over 200. Stroman, on the other hand, went 4-9 last year with an ERA well over 5 and a WHIP approaching 1.500.

Furthermore, despite both of them having just shit OPS numbers, through their first 8 games, CLE has scored 11 more runs than CIN has. Lastly, CLE is staying afloat at 5-3 after winning the first 3 games of this series, additionally scoring 7 runs yesterday. Toronto has dropped to 3-7 after dropping the first 3 games of this series.

Thinking that CLE comes in, bats get hot, and they go for the 4-game sweep at home v. Toronto. No fear, Clevinger about to blank the BJ’s.

Don’t care what’s going on with this Nats/Mets series, or how hot the Mets have been // how much money I’ve won off of them. When I get MadMax on the mound at -130, ima take it. Nats still have an above average offense, and they’re looking to steal this rubber match on the road.

Pour one out for my 13-game winning streak. All good things must come to an end. Don’t cry because it’s over smile because it happened. BOL tail or fade don’t care.

PS- Extra:

  • Pirates ML -145 I’m soooo tempted because Pirates can score and the Reds cannot. But Archer’s numbers are somehow worse than whoever is on the mound for the Reds so I think I’m gonna stay away. Unless I get bored and decide to bet another game. It’s happened before.