Kd’s Achilles Injury Wednesday

2019 MLB Record: 37-27-3 +7.57u

6/11 Recap: 2-2-1 -.1u

-Indians ML -125 1u: CASHED

-Pirates/Braves o9.5 -110 1u: PUSH

-Mariners ML +170 1u: Not Cashed

-Mariners/Twins o9.5 -120 1u: CASHED

-Nationals TT o5.5 -110 1u: Not Cashed


-Rays -1.5 +125 1u (12pm)

-Indians ML -134 1u (1pm)

-Braves -1.5 -110 1u (7pm)

-Cardinals -1.5 -110 1u (7pm)

-Astros ML -127 1u (8pm)

5 more picks. Feeling lazy today and just wanna hammer so going to do everything in bullet point form!


  • Yonny’s been on fire for quite some time now, and he’s got an ERA under 2 and a WHIP well under 1 in his last 5 starts.
  • Brett Anderson, A’s SP today, been OK but not great. L5 starts: Decent ERA, but a .800 OPS against and a whip over 1.3.
  • Rays bats continue to be hot, 9th in team OPS during the month of June (.780).
  • A’s bats continue to not be hot, 22nd in team OPS during the month of June (.704).
  • Additionally, A’s seem to hit significantly worse against right-handed pitching (hey Yonny pitches with that hand).
  • Devil Rays pitching staff ranks in the top-10 in both ERA and WHIP during the month of June.
  • A’s pitching staff ranks in the bottom-10 in both ERA and WHIP during the month of June.
  • The Devil Rays are a WAGON.


  • Running it back from yesterday.
  • The Indians only put up 2 runs yesterday, but it was enough to win cause the Reds offense is disgusting. It’s so awful I can’t even describe. .569 team OPS in the month of June which is a full 50 points behind 29th-place Toronto. Cinci doesn’t even have a basketball team in the NBA finals right now either.
  • Anthony DeSclafani is much much much worse than Luis Castillo, whom the Indians had to hit against yesterday.
  • Zach Plesac has made three starts this year. Zach Plesac has also made three stellar starts this year. He’s got a 1.86/.95 ERA/WHIP in those starts, with a 4.6 K/BB ratio and a .209/.243/.373 line against. Fuck ya Plesac!
  • Battle of right-handers… Reds hit worse against righties (somehow someway even tho it seems impossible) and Indians hit better against righties.
  • The bullpen matchup is mostly a wash, but the Indians got a slight advantage in ERA and in WHIP (both are still top-10 pens).


  • ATL SP Mike Soroka’s L7 starts been stelllllllar: 48 IP, 1.29 ERA, .79 WHIP, .159/.231/.212 line against. Yes, you read that last part right: Soroka’s SLG against is less than his OBP against. Both add up to an OPS against of .443… shit. Also, he’s only given up ONE DINGER in those 48 innings. Finally, he’s 5-0 in decisions and the Indians are 5-2 in those games.
  • Mitch Keller is a minor-leaguer who’s made one Major League start, where he gave up 6 runs over 4 innings AGAINST THE CINCINNATI REDS. Mitch gonna have a tough time against the Hotlanta bats.
  • And those bats are very hot. 2nd in the Majors in team OPS during the month of June (.888). These bats have led them to an 8-2 record in their last 10 games.
  • Pirates’ pitching staff is dead fuckin last in ERA and WHIP during the month of June.
  • Ronald Acuna Jr. is wicked cool.


  • Miles Mikolas is a pretty good starting pitcher.
  • The Miami Marlins are a pretty bad baseball team.
  • The Miami Marlins starting pitcher has never made a Major League start (Jordan Yamamoto).
  • There isn’t really much else to say here. Cards should blow them out despite their awful road record.


  • Game of the night.
  • This bet scares me. The Brewers offense has been much much hotter than the Astros. But the ‘Stros managed to put up 10 yesterday, albeit against Freddy Peralta, but whatever it means something.
  • Bet on Verlander. The guy is a stud. The Astros are 11-3 with him on the mound. His numbers are so shockingly good I don’t even have to repeat them here.
  • The Astros bullpen is better than the Brewers bullpen.
  • -130 for a home team with Justin Verlander on the mound is a great number.
  • Kate Upton is hot.

Bruins take home the cup tonight.

BOL Tail or Fade don’t care.