I May Never Lose Another Bet Again Part 1000: Seriously I Can’t Lose rn

2019 MLB Record: 13-1-0 +12.44u


Dodgers ML -122 1u (8pm)

Yankees -1.5 -115 1u (7pm)

Rays ML -133 1u (4pm)

4/5 Recap: 2-0-0 +2.15u

Brewers ML -130 1u: CASHED

  • Brewers are arguably the best team in the world right now. But damn was this game a mess.
  • Oops! Christian Yelich dropped his magnum condom for his magnum dong!

Braves -1.5 +115 1u: CASHED

  • The Marlins stink.
  • Kevin Gausman was nails per usual. Really has been on a hot streak since he stopped being a bird.

Walker Buehler really built himself a legitimate case for RoY last season. His record wasn’t great but his numbers were outstanding. 2.6 ERA and a WHIP of 0.961, additionally striking out 150 over 137ip, all while being an important part of the rotation that won the NL Pennant.

The Rockies are sending out Jon Gray, who not so long ago also snagged a few votes for RoY. Apparently he ain’t the same guy he used to be. Last season for Gray: 12-9 with an ERA over 5 and a WHIP over 1.300, all on his way to giving up the most earned runs in the league last year. However, I guess it’s worth noting that he has to pitch at Coors Field half the time, where the total goes over 60% of the time, everytime. However Part II, you might want to check out this SB Nation blog on why Coors Field isn’t the source of his shit throwing.

Alas, none of it matters, because the Dodgers offense is the best in the league right now, by a lot. A team OPS of .970, which skyrockets to 1.040 against righties (Jon Gray throws with that hand), the team is also hitting almost .300 combined, and .311 against righties, all while scoring more runs than any other team in the majors. Meanwhile, the Rockies are just meh. They own the 25th-best team OPS in the league, scoring just over a third of the runs the Dodgers have scored while playing the same amount of games.

It’s also worth noting the Dodgers are 6-2, while the Rockies are 3-5. Dodgers have the best run differential in the league right meow at +25, Rockies are sitting pretty at -12. LAD can’t win the World Series but they can certainly take 2 of 3 from the Rockies on the road. No fear Hammer down.

I bet only 2 games the last 2 nights and i’m so sick of it I need more action so I had my girlfriend pick a team at random and it was the Yankees (gross) so i’m taking them on the RL cause i’m not gonna bet a ML at -180 or whatever. This will not be my downfall. No fear.

Finally, I LOVE the Rays here. Ryne Stanek means they’ll be doing pitcher-by-committee. The Rays are a wagon. This guy Jeff Samardzija, which is a wild name by the way, kinda sucks. Not sure if he got hurt or something last year, or maybe got sent down, but he posted a 1-5 record while pitching only 44 innings, posting an ERA over 6 and a WHIP over 1.600. The season before was slightly better, but he’s not gonna fuck on a 6-2 Rays team whomst has the 3rd-best run differential in the league. The Rays are a WAGON no fear let’s ride.

I really wanted to take the Rays and Dodgers RL’s but I just don’t feel like I need to unless ML is like -150 or worse and I really believe in them. Why eat that juice if I think a team’s fuckin’ dope and they only gotta win by an extra run? But at -120/-130 I’ll eat it up, never know if a game will go extras or something idk. BOL tail or fade don’t care.

PS- Extra: