Fight Night

Who here is trying to start a riot?

This is an all-time Saturday for gambling. No matter whether you enjoy a nice evening at the ballpark, or watching two grown men (or women) beat each other till submission you are in for plenty of content and you better believe we can bet on all of it.

UFC card for you guys today but first lets get to the recap;

CWS: Our 2 unit bet on Michigan to beat Vanderbilt looked good out the gate as Michigan took a 1-0 game lead in a best of 3 series, but Vanderbilt won the next 2 and summers first dog of the day fell short.
Michigan Series (2 Units): LOSS
MLB: on a rare 0-5 night for the former MVP Yelich the Brewers gave up 8 runs on 12 hits and couldn’t keep up with the Mariners hot bats.
Milwaukee Brewers ML (1 Unit): Loss

Overall Record 0-2, -3.7 Units

Maybe its because its July and I’m feeling risky but I will be hammering lines from morning to night today and I would love to have you join me.

First, I hope you were able to catch our tweet in time for the Women’s World Cup.

11 am (ET)
Sweden V.S. England
Sweden ml @+250 (in regulation). .5 Units
O/U 2.5 OVER @-115. 1 Units

I’m no expert on women’s soccer but I have been watching most of the matches leading up to this fight for Bronze. Sweden has impressed me with a unique style of play and while England is a strong group I see Sweden pulling away in the second half and the English women begin to hang their heads early. Look for Sweden to win over England in a game that should amount to at least 3-4 goals in total.


I don’t have time for a major write-up today so I’ll give you my two picks. Tail or fade its up to you.

1 unit Masvidal +175
Masvidal is a phenomenal striker and one hell of a fighter, Askren is the favorite here because he is an excellent wrestler. If Masvidal can stay on his feet look for him to KO Askren with something wicked.

2 Units Rockhold -205
I know thats a lot of chalk but I’m 99.9% sure Rockhold will take this one with ease. Also have a parlay with Rockhold and Masvidal that helps the odds and Masvidal decision will be first so if it doesn’t go our way I would suggest doubling down on Rockhold.

Also, Amanda Nunez is without a doubt the female GOAT but getting Holly Holm @+300 with all that reach is too good to pass up. Not an official bet from me but if you wanna bet this fight I would place a small wager on Holm.

Fight night baby.

Hammer on