Dog of the Day!

2019 MLB Record: 32-22-1 +7.06u

5/17 D.o.D.:

Cubs ML +131 1u (7pm)

Fading Scherzer is always a stupid, boneheaded, terrible fucking move.

And that’s exactly what I’m gonna do.

Hamels and Scherzer’s numbers over their L4 starts are closer than one would think…

  • Hamels: 23.2ip, 3.42 ERA, 1.33 WHIP, .205/.323/.685 line against, Cubs are 3-1 in those starts.
  • MadMax: 27ip, 2.67 ERA, 1-flat WHIP, .225/.275/.685 line against, Nats are 1-3 in those starts.

Secondly, the bullpen stats are not even close. Cubs pen ERA is 3.9, Nats pen ERA is 6.2. Cubs pen started really shaky but have been coming around in recent weeks on their way to being top of the division again. Nats are just ahead of the abysmal Marlins, which basically means they’re dead last in the division. Nats 4-6 in their L10, and 9-12 at home.

Additionally, and this I can not emphasize this enough, Nationals have been batting awful in the month of May. Sporting a team OPS of .592, good for 28th in the Majors (ahead of Toronto and, what would ya know it, Miami). Cubs are knocking around the ball just fine, team OPS .750 in the month of May, good for 10th in the league.

Cubs aren’t exactly dogs but they’re god damn close enough for me and that’s why they’re going to pummel MadMax tonight. Like a 4-dolla hooker.

One play today because my Bovada acct is low. Gonna take Raptors/Bucks u217. Probably for a coupla’ units. Raptors total has gone u217 in all 13 of their playoff games.

Dude idk if anyone else notices this but the Raps offense is literally dogshit w/o Kawhi. Guy legit scores 80% of Raps buckets, swear to god.