April 16th Is The Greatest Day in History

2019 MLB Record: 24-13-1 +7.97u


-Rays -1.5 -130 2u (7pm)

Happy Birthday, Bill Belichick.

Glasnow had the game of his life last time out. Fully expect him to come out and dominate again against the lowly Orioles.

Yes, the Orioles did just kick the shit out of the Red Sox. On the road. And Chris Davis just broke his 0-for-whatever hitting streak that felt like it lasted longer than the 100 years war. But the Red Sox are, and I can’t believe I’m saying this, absolutely nothing in comparison to the Devil Rays (currently).

The Rays just put in work on this road trip they were on. Going 7-2 during the 9-game stretch. They come home tonight, and their coming-home present: The 7-10 Orioles, who have a team-OPS below .700, a bullpen ERA above 7.5, and a run differential of -27.

They are also sending out the righty Dylan Bundy. Bundy has looked very poor this season, with an ERA of 8.6 and a WHIP of 1.780. He’s started three games this season, going 3 deep in two of those starts, and only 5 deep in the third.

T’s predicted forecast tonight in Tampa Bay: Glasnow goes 6 deep & the Rays league-leading bullpen comes in a shuts BAL down over the last few innings. Bundy gets pulled after 4 innings and 100 pitches, and that dogshit BAL bullpen comes in and gives up a billion runs to a Rays team that has a team-OPS of almost .800.

Pretty confident in this play. Throwing a couple on it because I don’t have time to look over the rest of the board. I’m insanely busy for the next couple weeks, but I’ll try and make plays when I can. Hammer on fellas.