And We’re Back

First of all, It’s great to be back.

I know you all missed me terribly and I am sorry to have left you, but you were in good hands with T (kinda). Now you have both our picks to fade so at least someone can make some money this summer.

Since its been awhile for me on this whole blog thing I have one pick for you today and if you’ve been following along then you know I had no choice on how to make my comeback.


Our first DOD of the summer is BIG MAC…I know,
great fucking name.

Big Mac
Like the Sandwich
Un-fucking believable


Michigan has been a phenomenal dog throughout all of the college world series. Opening @ 40-1 favorites at the start of June Michigan hasn’t looked back. They’ve lost a total of just 2 games throughout the tournament and haven’t lost since dropping the second game V.S. the number 1 seeded UCLA.

Historically this is just the 3rd time Michigan has made it to the College World Series Final, and now 57 years later they will attempt to push their record to 3-0 in the final stage.

This won’t be an easy task. Vanderbilt has been the favorite since the get and have since proven why. If you watched their series against Louisville it was far from easy, but they did what they had to in order to win. This will be a tough task for Michigan but for a team with a run differential of +37, I like their chances.

Also here is some choice words one Louisville pitcher had for Vanderbilt that I think we should now adopt as underdogs.

Inject this energy into my VEINS.

Omaha is always fun.

I didn’t try to wow you with stats. Didn’t try to impress you with pitching matchups or stars. Didn’t even show you highlights. Because in this matchup, its not about any of that, this is all about heart. At Hammering Lines we find there is no metric more valuable and less tangible than heart. Yet it is the single most important factor in sports.

So ride with me on this or fade hard, either way happy to be back and this Summer lines will be hammered.

Hammer on.