2019 MLB Recap and What This Is

Had an old Hammering Lines site that myself, and ish, loved and cherished, but no one ever read it so whatever.

This is the new one. Welcome to Hammering Lines.

I’ve posted a couple of good MLB blogs since I started ripping them on the first. Here’s a note with the recap so far:

As you can see, I may never lose another bet ever again.

I’ll be posting MLB plays daily on here and sharing them throughout social media, as well as recapping the night’s action beforehand. They’ll just be quick write ups on what I’m betting and why I like them, as well as extra plays here and there.

ish will cover a lot more shit (lol), Basketball and Hockey playoffs specifically. But he’s a much larger degenerate than I am and I’m only good at betting baseball everything else is just a massive shitshow.

BOL tail or fade don’t care.